Sunday, February 28, 2016


For my mom Olimpia November 10th 1930 / February 28th 2002
My beloved wife Angela and my Daughter Jacqueline

I think I drink too much wine! Or is it just that in my old age I am too forgetful and continue to associate them for the years imprinted on the bottles.  Perhaps I am wasting my time trying to explain why a bottle of wine means anything more than just a drink.  Then it happens, the years come rushing back to me and the memories that I have associated with each bottle that I pop & drink.  Hopefully someone else out there understands.

2015 will go down as a transitional year.  I lost my last parent and my son turned 21.  I am now king of the mountain and the leader of my family. There are no more sad bottles I am holding on to only bottles to share with friends, family members, or monumental moments in time like weddings or birthdays.  Death will come to me hopefully 40 to 50 years from now.  By then, I will not know what a bottle of wine means or tastes like.  By then, hopefully my children or children’s children will understand.  Only time will answer that question. 
2002 Ladera Howell Mountain was such a beautiful wine.  It was my backup bottle on the day my father passed away June 18th 2015.  As I pulled it out of my cellar, my brother asked. “Didn’t I sell you that?”  That he did probably 10 years earlier.  My friends were sitting around my dining room table as I announced “let us pop one more”. Nobody was going to tell me different even though by this point we had all probably had too much to drink already.   This wine showed a wonderful fruit filled nose of dark cherries, blackberries and a touch of toasted oak.  Very rich mouth feel that is full bodied with a silky texture.  The wine had perfect amounts of dark chocolate that added great complexity to this moment. 
What was I really thinking as I tasted this wine.  My father had passed less than 8 hours earlier and he wasn’t shaking anymore from Parkinson’s disease.  It was the only way I could keep myself upright that day.  I had already received well wishes from close family & friends.  I had several of them surrounding me at that very moment.  Giving back was the only thing I had left to do. 
1994 Chateau Angelus Bordeaux is me in a bottle.  It embodies everything I think about when drinking wine.  It’s a wine I had gotten the chance to drink or taste 2 other times.   The wine showed aromas of leather, tobacco leaf, plum, and vanilla.  It had flavors of cassis, chocolate, and cedar.  Everything a great Bordeaux should have.  There is no better wine moment than tasting a certain wine, several times, over several years and enjoying it every single time.  Those are the wines you will never forget in your lifetime.
What was I really thinking as I tasted this wine.  My son was of legal drinking age now.  I guess I don’t have to teach him anything else.  He is a great kid with a shy personality but giving heart that is never selfish.  I, my brother, best friend and my son sat around my dining table while we enjoyed that wine together September 8th 2015.  He is so much like me, never wanting too much attention. He was just thankful for that wine moment.  Good job son.  My hope is that we get decades of wine moments like the one we shared on your 21st birthday. 
So this is it.  My wine blogging days are over.  I will now concentrate my efforts on enjoying the rest of my collection one bottle at a time till they are all gone.  I hope anybody that reads this gets it.  Live your life to the fullest and remember those years whether they were sad or happy. 


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